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The Telewound Care service developed by the Telehealth Coordination Centre, CIUSSS de l’Estrie — CHUS (Quebec, Canada) enables expert nurses to support, through virtual clinics, resource nurses at each of its facilities facing complex wound issues. This program enables patients to quickly get specialized wound care in their area, helps avoid complications and emergency visits, and cuts down on travel costs and time.

Since 2015, the Reacts collaborative platform’s support of their Telewound Care program has provided a versatile solution to increase the accessibility of wound care expertise, while meeting all safety and performance criteria.

A total of 64 facilities have access to virtual clinics specializing in wound care, spread across the 14 local health networks of 3 health institutions within the RUIS from the Université de Sherbrooke’s territory. Reacts’ innovative features, including the option of using the app in offline mode, enabled increase access to the TASP service, both in a clinical setting and at the patient’s home. Moreover, nurses have access to real-time coaching from a wound care expert. This coaching helps leverage the application of wound care prescription rights by reducing the feeling of professional isolation among nurses, who would need to validate certain clinical elements before making a prescription. This timely support cuts down on the time a nurse needs to implement an appropriate treatment plan for the patient’s clinical situation, thereby improving his or her healing.

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