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Getting started

This series of tutorials will help you learn about the basic navigation and functionalities of Reacts.


Before you start using Reacts and to ensure an optimal user experience, make sure you correctly adjust your basic settings. This series of tutorials will show you how to choose your desired web cam, microphone, and speakers; how to adjust privacy settings, etc.


Watch this tutorial to learn how to invite friends and colleagues to be part of your Reacts contact list.

The Reacts session interface

The following tutorials provide an overview of the basic navigation, features, and functionalities of the Reacts session interface which is where the sessions take place.

Peer to peer mode

This tutorial will help you understand how to initiate a call in peer to peer mode.

Multiparty mode

This series of tutorials will help you learn more about the multiparty mode. You will learn how to initiate a call in the multiparty mode, and how to share applications, share files, and record a scene in this mode.

Overview and general description of the session interface

The main collaborative canvas or scene is the area over which you will be able to share your video inputs and assets. This series of tutorials provides detailed explanations about the ergonomy of the scene and the various functions available.


This series of tutorials will show you how to add assets to your Reacts library and to your scenes, it will explain you the cool things you can do with them, how you can create presentations, and more.

Checklists and reports

One of the unique feature of Reacts is that it allows you to create checklists and reports templates that can then be filled dynamically during a live session. Learn how to use this amazing functionality in the next few tutorials.


Watch these tutorials to learn more about the various “Actions” and their functions.

Share your display(s)

Learn how to perform live sharing of one or more of your displays with your counterparts during a live session (to show your desktop or any applications, files, or browsers that are open on your display).


Reacts allows you to incorporate a variety of multimedia items to your live sessions. However, before you can add these items to a session, you need to first upload them to your Reacts library. Learn how to do this in the two tutorials of this section.

How to schedule a session

Easily schedule a session in advance with a friend, colleague or customer directly through the Reacts platform. Choose your contact, enter a topic, set a date and time, and you’re done !

Reacts collaborative rooms