A few weeks ago, Dr. Yanick Beaulieu, creator of the Reacts collaborative platform, was interviewed by Steve Mortimer, VP Business Development at Joule Inc.* (a Canadian Medical Association Company), as part of their Joule Innovation “Let’s Talk about the Possibilities” podcast series.

This podcast, entitled The long roots of inspiration—from why I became a physician to how it led me to find better ways of treating patients (also available in French), includes the inspirational story of how personal experiences lead Dr. Beaulieu to practise medicine, specialize in cardiology and critical care, and eventually create the Reacts platform.

Amongst other things, Dr. Beaulieu explains his concerns as an educator, his prior innovations, and how the need for a tool to remotely train colleagues in a highly interactive and collaborative way led to the development of the Reacts platform and its “hyperpresence”. He also elaborates upon how care can be improved and costs lowered through improved communications and collaboration in care teams, and future trends in medicine such as the use of augmented reality and virtual reality.

The interview then dives into how the platform’s versatility addresses both academic and clinical needs in various practice areas, how it differs from other collaboration tools, feedback from healthcare professionals and patients, as well as advice for those starting off with innovative ideas of their own.

*Joule ™, the CMA’s newest company, is dedicated to making it easier for CMA members to be at their best. Whether you are searching for the best evidence to support your clinical decision-making, seeking accredited courses to develop your skills as a physician leader or looking to apply for a grant to advance your healthcare innovation, Joule provides products and services that are focused on your continued success.

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