Reacts used for an interactive ultrasound training session between Calgary and Montreal

On April 9th, Dr. Jason Waechter, an intensivist-anesthesiologist and Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Calgary, provided a bedside ultrasound course for critical care physicians at the Foothills Medical Center in Calgary. A large part of the course was dedicated to hands-on scanning, allowing participants to practice their echocardiography skills. One of the scanning stations was supervised remotely via Reacts by Dr. Yanick Beaulieu, a cardiologist-intensivist and founder of Reacts, from his office at Sacré-Coeur hospital in Montreal.

Thanks to Reacts, Dr. Beaulieu was able to remotely view the live feed from the ultrasound machine in Calgary, as well as the webcam directed on the torso of the model. He was able to dynamically interact with the participants by indicating structures with the virtual pointers, superimpose pictures onto the live scans to better explain the cardiac anatomy, convey instructive points about normal and abnormal cases by comparing clips with the live scan images, etc.

The 2-hour session was greatly appreciated by the participants, who were able to benefit from Dr. Beaulieu’s expert guidance, and the latter was free to go back to his clinical rounds right after the session. No need for travel, hotel, and time away from work and family! This session illustrates well how Reacts allows for better, more efficient communication and training, remote access to expertise, time savings, and reduction of costs.