On Monday June 6th 2016, Dr Yanick Beaulieu provided an international virtual lecture through the Reacts platform, from Montreal, for a group of emergency and intensive care physicians who were at Oasis International Hospital, in Beijing China, in the context of a special Continuous Medical Education (CME) activity.

The lecture was on the use of ultrasound guidance for placement of central venous access. During his presentation via Reacts, Dr Beaulieu explained different concepts using a variety of videos and images. Also, using a virtual ultrasound probe and virtual needles, he was able to demonstrate adequate probe and needle placement as well as probe manipulation. “The Reacts platform is a great interactive communication tool for both educational and clinical purposes that allows us to hold international remote virtual sessions of unparalleled quality,” said Dr Guillaume Zagury, an Emergency Medicine and International Public Health specialist from Oasis hospital, in charge of organizing this state of the art remote educational event. Oasis International Hospital is planning on using the Reacts platform throughout the year to hold regular CME activity with experts from all over the world.