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A Code Orange simulation took place in Montreal on October 18th 2018. “Code Orange” is the name given to a situation in which, following a catastrophic event, a large number of casualties are being transported to a hospital center in a very short period of time.

The simulation involved the massive arrival of 23 severely injured patients in the emergency room (ER) of Sacré-Coeur Hospital (CIUSSS du Nord de l’Île) following a (simulated) terrorist attack in downtown Montreal.

Action happening in the emergency room and in the hospital blood bank was broadcasted live, using Reacts, to an audience in the hospital auditorium as well as to the leadership team in the coordinating command center established in the hospital boardroom.

Details about the unfolding Code Orange simulation were provided by an ED physician to a crowd of medical and non-medical professionals. They were gathered in the hospital auditorium to learn about the protocols and emergency measures being deployed live in front of their eyes. Blood bank personnel were on alert as multiple “massive transfusion protocols” were activated simultaneously. Action happening in the blood bank was also broadcasted live in the auditorium.

A total of 8 live video feeds were broadcasted to the audience using Reacts (5 from the ER and 3 from the blood bank).

Actors and simulators were used in the various trauma scenarios to bring a high degree of realism to the various simulated injuries. Logistics were coordinated live from the hospital boardroom by the CIUSSS du Nord de l’Île’s leadership team.

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