Reacts used by the Montreal Heart Institute in the 2nd edition of the Symposium on Ross Procedure

On September 15th and 16th, over 30 Canadian, US and Europe surgeons gathered at the Montreal Heart Institute to participate in the 2nd edition of a symposium on Ross Procedure, a complex procedure for aortic surgery. Using Reacts, both onsite participants and others across the world were able to observe the precise procedure, live, while interacting with the surgeon.

The two-day course allowed the specialists to deepen their knowledge on the Ross Procedure and to practice their acquired knowledge on pig hearts. During the second day of training, Reacts was used to transmit live surgery (the Ross procedure) performed by Dr. El-Hamamsy. Multiple video streams were transmitted simultaneously, including those from the surgeon’s head-camera, a fixed camera directed on the operation, and the transesophageal echocardiography exam. Using Reacts, participants on location and abroad were able to witness all of the live action, and were able to interact dynamically with Dr. El-Hamamsy throughout the procedure. “Thanks to Reacts, both participants who were present, and those who were in France and South Africa, were able to attend the live surgery. The quality and interactivity that Reacts provides allows us to offer training of the highest quality and opens up our training horizons by allowing us to address participants anywhere in the world,” explains Dr. El-Hamamsy.

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