On June 14th, the City of Sherbrooke named its new air terminal in honor of Gilbert Boulanger, a World War II veteran (nicknamed l’Alouette) and a great constructor of the Sherbrooke Airport, who made a name for himself through 37 bombing missions, two of which were on the coasts of Normandy.Reacts was used at the inaugural ceremony, held in Sherbrooke, to allow those in Courseulles-sur-Mer, Normandy, to participate in the terminal’s inauguration with Sherbrooke’s dignitaries.

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Project : L’Alouette

As part of the inauguration of the new Gilbert Boulanger terminal, a class of students in Sherbrooke (Alfred-Desrochers school) and a class in Courseulles-sur-Mer, Normandy (Gilbert Boulanger school) were paired to study part of the Second World War together and discover the message left by Canadian veteran Boulanger.

Through the Reacts platform, these 50 students and their teachers had the opportunity to meet periodically for two months to discuss, among other things, values such as peace and freedom, and to experience a shared activity that they simultaneously broadcasted to parents and guests on either side of the ocean.

« It was a real pleasure to take part in this project… It was easy … I hope we can continue to share more things next year. »

 – A Labbé, teacher, Gilbert Boulanger primary school

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