Four educational projects were set up in primary and secondary schools during the 2016-2017 school year in collaboration with the Reacts team.

The platform was employed by the pedagogical consultants who designed these projects according to the Quebec Ministry of Education’s guidelines, in order to offer technology-keen students an opportunity to discover “hyperpresence”.

Project : Welcome to our home

The Bienvenue chez nous project allowed 3rd-year elementary students in the Laurentians to get to know their counterparts in the Gaspé Peninsula and New Brunswick regions. Thanks to the Reacts platform, they were able to discover the specifics of each other’s living environments and to exchange videos and photos in real time. Three sessions were successfully held, involving over a hundred students.

« Thank you for this great experience. We are already looking forward to the next sessions… It is very interesting and the children were happy to see you. Some of my students were more reserved and shy. That’s just part of the experience. »

– G. Germain, teacher-parent

The pedagogical guide that structured this project is available free of charge to all francophone schools from Quebec and elsewhere (contact for more information).

Students share their experiences remotely via Reacts


Project : If objects were told 


As part of the Maison Saint-Gabriel Museum’s 50th anniversary, the institution offered Quebec elementary schools a chance to participate in a contest to discover the richness and diversity of French culture during the Nouvelle France era. Ten (10) classes had the opportunity to virtually host a storyteller in their school and recreate a “view of yesteryear” in the form of an interactive workshop.

Through the Reacts platform, more than 100 students were able to visit a 17th century kitchen, identify unusual objects on their interactive digital boards using a pointer, interact with the museum’s hosts, and record their sessions for later review.

« Many thanks for the virtual visit with the storyteller! It was much appreciated! The children look forward to visiting the museum. »

– J. Chartier, teacher-parent

Virtual visit at Maison Saint-Gabriel

Project : The Biscornu’s sheep


High school students from the Ste-Thérèse Academy met with experts at Le Biscornu farm in Rimouski to learn more about genetic selection, while also meeting one of their science program objectives.

Using the Reacts platform, they were able to participate in a live visit of the farm, interact with an expert to compare types of sheep, consult the results of a genetic selection process and more importantly, have live exchanges with people who are passionate about their profession.

View a video of the virtual tour and lesson (French only)

Remote lessons with Le Biscornu farm

Project : The Alouette


A Sherbrooke class (Alfred-Desrochers school) and a class from Courseulles-sur-Mer in Normandy (Gilbert Boulanger school) were paired through Reacts to study part of the Second World War and discover the message left by the Canadian veteran Boulanger.

As part of the inauguration of the Gilbert Boulanger terminal in Sherbrooke on June 14, 2017, guests and dignitaries on both sides of the Atlantic shared a fond moment live via Reacts.

> View the detailed article about this project 

Live Reacts session during Sherbrooke airport terminal inauguration, with students at Gilbert Boulanger school in Normandy.