The 2017 edition of Forum France Santé took place in Paris on June 8th. Organized by think tank Imaginons la santé, in collaboration with the Forum pour la Gestion des Villes et des Collectivités Territoriales, this event brought together several health industry stakeholders and featured an international selection of innovative practices, in order to propose opportunities for the improvement of healthcare to French politicians in the run-up to the 2017 presidential elections.

Reacts was among the technological innovations in e-health and telemedicine showcased in the documentary “Idées santé au Canada” and discussed during a panel on “endorsing new technologies to avoid or delay the onset of disease, as well as new means of supporting patients”.

Summary of the telehealth documentary:

The documentary features Reacts applications through three programs currently used in Québec:

– Telerehabilitation in speech therapy at the Sainte-Justine UHC

– Ventilatory assistance with virtual home visits at the MUHC

– Neurosurgery supervision at the CHUM

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