Reacts collaborative platform certified by the Ministère de la santé et des Services sociaux du Québec

February 22, 2018 — Innovative Imaging Technologies (IIT) is proud to announce that its Reacts platform has been certified by Québec’s Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux (MSSS).

As the health and social services sector is subject to various laws and regulations, including a specific regulation pertaining to certification, it must strengthen its measures to ensure better governance and management of its extensive, diversified and complex range of information resources. The Dirigeant réseau de l’information (DRI – network information officer) created the Bureau de certification et d’homologation (BCH – certification and approval office) of the MSSS to ensure the implementation of technological product and service certification and approval processes that comply with the health and social services sector’s specific standards and requirements.

BCH certification attests that a given version of a technological product or service is compliant in terms of secure and effective interoperability (or integration) with information assets used within the health and social services sector. Depending on the type of technological product or service, the certification process generally includes the verification of various characteristics, such as security, personal information protection, performance, technology and interoperability/integration.

This certification attests that the Reacts platform complies with the strictest security, privacy and performance standards, thereby enabling IIT to continue to deploy Reacts across healthcare facilities, clinics and other medical and university centres across Québec and Canada.

Click here to consult the MSSS list of Technologic products and services certified