Reacts at the AQUOPS conference, March 22nd-24th, 2016


Innovative Imaging Technologies is proud to participate in the 34th Colloque de l’Association Québécoise des Utilisateurs de l’Ordinateur au Primaire et au Secondaire (AQUOPS), being held in Quebec City from March 22nd to 24th, 2016.

Come and meet our team, discover our innovative Reacts platform at booth # 6, and see our “Hyperpresence in class with the Biodôme” presentation at l’ Atelier Exploracamp on March 23rd. Don’t miss out!

What is Reacts?
Reacts is a digital video collaboration platform designed to facilitate remote exchanges and enable teaching and knowledge sharing like never before. With Reacts, communicating, learning and participating in a remote educational activity provides a different experience: hyperpresence!

Originally created to enhance collaboration and remote training of health professionals – in a highly secured virtual environment – the Reacts platform can also be used more widely in the various spheres of education.

An educational pilot project with the Biodôme
In 2015, Reacts was used in the “Secrets revealed at the Biodôme” pilot project, which consisted of a virtual meeting between an elementary class and a host-biologist at the Montreal Biodôme. The goal of this project, among others, was to allow students to discover the different ecosystems and their species, while actively participating in a live visit, using a versatile, high-quality multimedia tool.

Thanks to its various features, Reacts allowed the creation of an enriching remote interactive experience for students and teachers. Both could, for example, point to the animals using a virtual pointer, take snapshots, exchange files with the host, etc. In all, eighteen classes enjoyed a virtual session with the Biodôme as part of this pilot project Discover this great initiative by video (French only)

How to integrate Reacts in your teaching?
Whether you want to work with a remote colleague or create an activity between your students and those from another school, the Reacts platform is the perfect tool!

Simple, flexible and intuitive, Reacts lets you do video conferencing, file sharing and transfers, collaborative work, skills assessment, and application and screen sharing. All this in real time!

To learn more about Reacts’ features, please consult our brochure (French only)

Hope to see you at the AQUOPS conference!