May ushered in the 2019 edition of the Hamilton Health Innovation Week, a showcase for innovators and practitioners pushing the boundaries of health care, turning great ideas into practical real-world solutions that improve patient health, simplify care delivery, and bend the cost curve. A central event marking the week was the very first Technology & the Future of Health Care Conference, co-chaired by Dr. Richard Tytus and Dr. Dennis DiValentino.

The conference was designed for forward-thinking front-line health care providers who recognize the requirement to integrate technology into their practice, to provide them with a forum within which to define and understand digital health, obtain relevant information to guide their delivery of health care, and to identify health care challenges with digital solutions. Innovative Imaging Technologies was proud to participate in the conference and support Dr. Tytus and Dr. DiValentino’s efforts to increase access to health care for marginalized patients through the use of the Reacts platform.

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