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Once again, Reacts will be used at Montreal’s Grand Prix race to optimize communications between the track hospital’s medical staff and Montreal’s Sacré-Coeur Hospital emergency room team.

When an accident occurs, the injured driver is immediately taken to the track hospital to be treated and stabilized. As soon as the patient arrives, the track hospital doctors communicate with Sacré-Coeur’s emergency staff via Reacts, allowing the latter to remotely see the patient’s vital signs and any interventions and maneuvers performed, all in real time.

The driver is then flown by helicopter to Sacré-Coeur hospital for further care where he’s immediately managed by a multidisciplinary team. Live communication via Reacts continues uninterrupted during the air-transfer until arrival at the hospital heliport.

This continuous audio-video communication between medical responders, from the time the injured driver arrives at the track hospital until the moment he gets to the hospital emergency room, allows optimization of the care delivered, more accurate assessment of the patient’s condition, avoids information loss that can occur during verbal transfers and thus provides better overall care of drivers suffering multiple trauma.