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  • Audio Video sessions
  • Multiparty (up to 6 participants)
  • Multiple video inputs
  • Unlimited session duration

  • HIPAA and PHIPA compliant
  • Cryptage SSL - Secure Socket Layer Encryption
  • AES 256 bits

  • Multimedia asset sharing
  • Asset overlay
  • Asset annotations
  • Augmented reality and 3D objects
  • Drawing tools (coming soon)
  • Snapshots (still)
  • MP4 local recording
  • Screenshare
  • Keyboard / Mouse Control sharing
  • Checklists and reports
  • Store and forward

The Reacts instant messaging and secure file transfer are simple, effective features enabling clinical and administrative professionals to share information in “text” format, as well as share files (photos, videos, documents, etc.), in compliance with security, traceability and protection requirements pertaining to users’ health information (PHIPA and HIPAA).

  • You can access Reacts across your computers and mobile devices.
  • If you already have a Reacts subscription and would like to re-download the application on a different device, you just need to log in first and you will have the option to download again.

  • Reacts uses a secured web storage technology to help you store, access & share documents, snapshots, videos, images and other assets on the go.
  • Each standard and Pro Reacts subscription includes 2GB of web storage per user

  • Standard Plan - When more than one standard subscription is purchased, the account owner will have access to a dashboard that will allow him/her to manage the Reacts subscriptions (ie: assign the subscriptions to users, view date of expiration, etc).
  • Pro Plan - The Pro plan provides access to a dashboard that allows management of subscriptions for the guest users (ie: assign the subscriptions to users, view date of expiration, etc).


All Standard features plus:- Assign free Reacts guest accounts (up to 1,000 guests per organization*)- Guests can therefore communicate with their Pro contact(s) over Reacts for free !- Guest accounts have some usage restrictions (see details below).* If you need to assign > 1,000 guests, contact us !

  • A guest can only communicate with the Reacts Pro user(s) who has invited him/her.
  • A guest cannot communicate with another guest.
  • Each Pro can have only one of his/her guest at a time in a multiparty session.
  • Guest accounts come with 500 MB of free web storage.


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Segment and manage user subscriptions and admin rights across large organizations according to your needs, whether by reporting structure, cost center or otherwise, using the Reacts Administrative Dashboard