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Montreal, June 12, 2015 – Innovative Imaging Technologies Inc. (IIT) and MediVirtual Telepresence are proud to announce their recent agreement aimed at helping better serve patient needs in rural communities.

Under the terms of this new agreement, MediVirtual offers caregivers the opportunity to consult remotely with medical specialists from patients’ homes or on the mobile MediBus, using IIT’s Reacts collaborative platform.

Reacts offers high quality videoconferencing capabilities and a variety of interactive collaboration tools within a highly secured environment. MediVirtual provides a network of care providers along with telepresence policies and standards for clinical and administrative quality service.

MediVirtual powered by Reacts will now allow caregivers a full telepresence support infrastructure to interact with patients and healthcare professionals using their own computers, mobile consumer devices or on the mobile primary health care clinic, MediBus.

These innovative capabilities not only improve the quality of care given, but also provide the flexibility and convenience that favor adoption and drive cost savings.

“We are pleased to be partnering with Innovative Imaging Technologies Inc.”, says Dr. Ken Buchholz, Senior Medical Director for MediVirtual Telepresence and MediBus. “This technologically advanced platform has patient care and medical education at the heart of its design. It is stable in a variety of remote and mobile settings, including pre-hospital emergency vehicles, including helicopter, and has been successfully applied in remote support of wound care nursing, in-hospital medical education and operating room monitoring of surgical procedures.”

“Reacts meets institutions’ long-standing need for security and traceability, while providing users with intuitive interaction tools, or what we like to call ‘hyper-presence’,”said IIT’s president and founder Dr. Yanick Beaulieu. “We are proud to partner with MediVirtual to support such a worthy initiative which offers models of care provision that could be replicated in communities across the nation.”

MediVirtual and MediBus will first be rolled out to residents of rural Nova Scotia before expanding to other areas.