Over the past nine months, Philips Lumify point-of-care ultrasound has become an indispensable tool in the global response to COVID-19, according to doctors on the front lines. The award-winning tablet-based ultrasound solution has been helping clinicians in the Emergency Department (ED) and the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) make faster, more refined care decisions during the pandemic, while also helping manage the risk of spreading COVID-19 within their departments.

By enabling remote communication, Lumify with Reacts reduces the need for physical interaction. This is essential during the pandemic to help minimize the risk of virus transmission among medical teams, making Lumify a critical diagnostic solution in the management of COVID-19-related lung and cardiac complications. In a recent study where Lumify was used for point-of-care focused cardiac exams on COVID-19 patients, scan time was reduced by 79%, while decontamination time was reduced by 85%.

“With our COVID patients in the ICU, we have extensively used our Lumify systems for assessment of the heart and lung function as well as for procedural guidance,” said Dr. Yanick Beaulieu, head of clinical science for Philips Ultrasound and a cardiologist-intensivist at Montreal’s Sacré-Coeur Hospital. “With the integrated Reacts tele-ultrasound capabilities, we were able to significantly reduce the use of PPE, continue provide clinical training and supervision to our residents and maintain very efficient, high-quality care to those very sick patients.”

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