The Reacts platform is an interactive and dynamic communication tool that can be used by professionals, organizations, and individuals from any field or discipline.


Reacts allows healthcare professionals to provide remote care, education and assistance to enhance communication with their patients, colleagues and fellow professionals.

Field services

Reacts is the ideal platform to enhance and optimize support for teams working in the field. It’s highly interactive solution with multiple integrated tools enables users to provide live instruction, guidance and supervision.


The interactive and innovative features of Reacts were designed to expand the possibilities for remote education using multimedia assets, augmented reality and checklists. From virtual field trips to creative live sessions, Reacts helps bring interactive education to a whole new level.

Public safety

Through high quality audio-video streaming, Reacts enables events to be assessed while being viewed live from the field. It also provides a way to bring dynamic, interactive assistance to people in the thick of the action.