Over the past 10 years, global health technology leader Philips has undertaken a major transformation of its business to develop technological solutions in healthcare. Montreal-based Reacts is now a Philips Centre of excellence for digital healthcare collaboration. The Reacts teams’ expertise will strengthen Philips’ technological developments in virtual collaboration globally.

A few key points :

● Reacts and Philips have been collaborating since 2015. Discussions on developing a deeper collaboration intensified in 2018, after the successful integration of REACTS into Philips’ Lumify portable ultrasound system which has become the world’s first secure and integrated teleultrasound solution.

● IIT-Reacts allows Philips to add a unique expertise to its range of technological innovations. As for Reacts, this partnership will provide access to an exceptional commercialization force, allowing it to accelerate and expand its development in the context of the growing needs for remote collaboration in healthcare.

● Reacts’ team and head office remain in Montreal with Dr Yanick Beaulieu, founder and creator of Reacts, staying as a strategic lead for the Reacts team and becomes Head of Clinical solutions for Philips Ultrasound. The unique know-how of the Montreal-based Reacts team is a key element for Philips.

● The Reacts platform is already deployed in more than 80 countries and incorporates interactive virtual tools, such as augmented reality, multi stream video conferencing and interactive multimedia content overlay.

● Reacts is used in both clinical and educational settings and allows health professionals to interact remotely, in a dynamic way, for various uses from teleconsultations, secure messaging, remote wound care, teleultrasound, to interactive telesurgical assistance and remote procedural supervision.

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