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Due to continuous updates, tutorials may occasionally contain content that differs from the latest version of the application available online.

Getting started

This series of tutorials will help you learn about the basic navigation and functionalities of Reacts.

Topic Video length
Overview 03:02
Log in 03:05
Home page and main menu 03:26
Video inputs 04:32
Instant messaging 07:02


Before you start using Reacts and to ensure an optimal user experience, make sure you correctly adjust your basic settings. This series of tutorials will show you how to choose your desired web cam, microphone, and speakers; how to adjust privacy settings, etc.

Topic Video length
My account 01:33
Audio-video settings 03:19
Choose a language 01:00
Deleted inputs 00:42
Network settings 00:44
How to set-up a destination path 01:34
How to send your assets to a destination path 01:04


Watch this tutorial to learn how to invite friends and colleagues to be part of your Reacts contact list.

Topic Video length
How to invite contacts in Reacts 03:40
Reacts Contact panel - send a message or start a video call 01:13

Collaborative rooms

Watch these tutorials to learn how to create virtual collaborative spaces (i.e.: “rooms”) in which you can invite your colleagues and securely share messages, images, videos, documents, and other types of assets. You can also archive a room discussion at any time by securely saving it as a PDF document in the Reacts library.

Topic Video length
Create collaborative rooms 03:27
Add contacts to conversation or room 00:37
Save conversation or room to PDF 00:37

The Reacts session interface

The following tutorials provide an overview of the basic navigation, features, and functionalities of the Reacts session interface which is where the sessions take place.

Topic Video length
Face to face mode 02:23
Overview and general description of the session interface 02:48

Peer to peer mode

This tutorial will help you understand how to initiate a call in peer to peer mode.

Topic Video length
Initiating a call in peer to peer mode 02:11

Multiparty mode

This series of tutorials will help you learn more about the multiparty mode. You will learn how to initiate a call in the multiparty mode, and how to share applications, share files, and record a scene in this mode.

Topic Video length
Initiating a call in the multiparty mode 03:05
Important things to know about stream handling in multiparty mode 03:00
Sharing an application or your desktop during a multiparty session 02:56
Performing secure live file transfer during a multiparty session 01:50
“Terminate” or “Leave” a meeting during a multiparty session 01:30
Recording a scene during a multiparty session 01:37

Overview and general description of the session interface

The main collaborative canvas or scene is the area over which you will be able to share your video inputs and assets. This series of tutorials provides detailed explanations about the ergonomy of the scene and the various functions available.

Topic Video length
Overview 02:38
Snapshots: stills 00:46
Snapshots: videos 09:13
Layers 02:58
Adjusting the format of the scene window (best fit, 4:3, 16:9) 01:02
Pointer 01:38
How to add drawings to a scene (doodle, text, shapes, arrows) 00:16
Sharing a scene 02:19


This series of tutorials will show you how to add assets to your Reacts library and to your scenes, it will explain you the cool things you can do with them, how you can create presentations, and more.

Topic Video length
Adding assets to your Reacts library 03:45
Adding assets to your Reacts session 05:37
Adding images to a scene 03:33
Adding videos to a scene 03:09
Digital objects : Description / How to import them to Reacts / How to add them to a session / How to manipulate them 05:37
Snapshot gallery 02:32
How to create scenes and presentations: Create scenes / Prepare and save a session / Open a saved session / How to do a live presentation of your saved session to a contact 07:32
Documents 01:31

Checklists and reports

One of the unique feature of Reacts is that it allows you to create checklists and reports templates that can then be filled dynamically during a live session. Learn how to use this amazing functionality in the next few tutorials.

Topic Video length
Create or edit a template 13:23
View or import a template 02:12
Adding a checklist / report template to a session 05:55


Watch these tutorials to learn more about the various “Actions” and their functions.

Topic Video length
Add a new scene 00:41
Face to Face 00:52
“Connect” with a contact 00:31
Sessions (New / Open / Save / Save as / Close) 00:20
How to perform live file transfer directly and securely through Reacts 02:16
How to adjust settings from the main session interface 00:33

Share your display(s)

Learn how to perform live sharing of one or more of your displays with your counterparts during a live session (to show your desktop or any applications, files, or browsers that are open on your display).

Topic Video length
How to share your display through Reacts 02:47


Reacts allows you to incorporate a variety of multimedia items to your live sessions. However, before you can add these items to a session, you need to first upload them to your Reacts library. Learn how to do this in the two tutorials of this section.

Topic Video length
Overview and how to upload media to your Reacts library 02:12
How are the items displayed in the library / Options available 01:46

How to schedule a session

Easily schedule a session in advance with a friend, colleague or customer directly through the Reacts platform. Choose your contact, enter a topic, set a date and time, and you’re done !

Topic Video length
Events - How to schedule an event 12:03

Reacts Dashboard

Topic Video length
Admin Dashboard - Assign standard and pro subscriptions 00:41
Admin Dashboard - How to re-assign and un-assign a subscription 00:40
Admin Dashboard - Assign standard and pro subscriptions by importing a CSV file 00:18
Admin Dashboard - How to grant admin rights 00:16
Admin Dashboard - How to invite a guest 00:43
Admin Dashboard - Assign guests by importing a CSV file 00:29
Access dashboard and invite guests directly from application 00:56


Topic Video length
Access your messages while in a live Reacts iOS session 00:40
Stream multiple video feeds with the Reacts web app 00:46
Share display feature in Reacts web app 02:06
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