Reacts is a trusted solution used
by renowned institutions world wide.

Having a secure online environment to share and connect on the delivery of care is more important than ever, especially for remote communities and individuals coping with mobility challenges. Reacts brings remote physician-to-physician collaboration to a new level, helping any physician — despite their geographic location, be at their best.

Lindee David,
Joule CEO (a Canadian Medical Association company)

I had the opportunity to use Reacts for remote ultrasound training sessions with small groups, as well as during large-scale educational events. The Reacts platform proved to be an educational tool with enormous potential, as it enables instructors to provide their students with dynamic, highly interactive remote training on the various practical and clinical aspects of critical care ultrasonography.

Moreover, this platform is very useful for assessing skills for both the image capture and interpretation phase.

Beyond its uses for training, Reacts enables real-time image and video transmission for clinical situations.

During an important academic training event, Reacts enabled the direct broadcast of clinical cases, including echocardiographic imaging, between American and European clinical professionals, thereby allowing them to perform case studies with active audience participation. Reacts provided unparalleled transatlantic communication between two expert groups, which resulted in a unique interactive experience for all participants.

Beyond Reacts’ utility as an excellent remote ultrasound training tool, it is also a flexible, user-friendly system with amazing potential for several other types of training and telehealth applications.

I will wholeheartedly use Reacts in my practice for a wide array of clinical and educational applications.

Paul H. Mayo, MD
Professor of Medicine, Division of Pulmonary & Critical Care
North Shore-Long Island Jewish School of Medicine
New Hyde Park, New York, USA

We are pleased to acquire a technological solution that will enable us to remotely improve specialized wound care services for home users, in addition to continuing to serve users of CLSC's, hospitals, shelters and long-term care facilities with the same quality and safety of service as in the last six years

Sonia Quirion,
Manager, Telehealth Coordination Center,
RUIS Université de Sherbrooke

Reacts enables us to provide cutting-edge remote support and patient care in the comfort of their homes, no matter where patients are. With this digital video collaboration platform, we can truly make a difference in the quality of life of patients and their families.

Lyne Noel,
Coordinator of Respiratory Services,
Adult Sites, National Program for Home Ventilatory Assistance,
McGill University Health Center

The tests I’ve conducted from Switzerland with Dr. Beaulieu enabled me to discover Reacts’ full power and flexibility. The remote supervision and training of up-and-coming physicians is being taken to the next level. At intensive care, we can now see, all on a single screen, a patient’s digitalized medical file, the patient himself, his vital signs monitor, interaction with the on-site physician, and even, with the proper interface, an online ultrasound exam. Documents may be easily shown, shared, consulted simultaneously and annotated by one of more participants. When the given specialist isn’t on-site, he may obtain more specific information using a tablet or smartphone. We tested these remote consultations by requesting dermatological feedback. Image quality, combined with the live interaction enabled by Reacts, provided more positive comments than sending photos and making a phone call.

I very much look forward to implementing this software in our multi-site hospital, where it will be sure to become an invaluable tool.

Dr. Damien Tagan
Physician-in-Chief, FMH Internal Medicine and Intensive Care
Hôpital Riviera-Chablais Vaud Valais, Switzerland

We believe that the Reacts solution’s potential to meet collaborative work needs is very promising, which is why our main objective is to assess this new technological platform in its capacity to optimize service, remote patient tracking and knowledge transfer continuums.

Kathy Malas,
Head of Innovation Platform,
CHU Sainte-Justine
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