The Colombian Telemedicine Centre (CTMC), an organization dedicated to facilitating the adoption of e-health initiatives to improve healthcare across Latin American and Caribbean countries, has been steadily deploying Canada’s Reacts platform in Colombia under the direction of Dr. Jorge Vélez for a variety of clinical uses.

Reacts is currently being used in the Tele-rehabilitation programs of the IDEAL Foundation, which has projects in several regions of the country, including programs for the care of disabled people in the Colombian Amazon. This application of the platform allows specialized teleconsultation, occupational and physical therapy, and the facilitation of specialized virtual meetings to provide solutions for the care issues of disabled people.

The Colombian Telemedicine Centre and the Pan-American Network of Tele-Ophthalmology (PANTO), an initiative originating in Montreal, Canada, in 2018, have also managed to integrate the Reacts platform in an innovative way in the Clinica Visual y Auditiva’s (Visual and Auditory Clinic’s) Tele-Ophthalmology program in Cali, Colombia.

Reacts allows the transfer of ophthalmological exam images carried out with their own equipment (slit lamp, retinal camera and others), which are integrated into the Reacts collaborative work session with for the best eye care. These developments are making it possible to advance the design of new eye care systems, especially in the current situation of COVID-19. Tele-consultations, as well as tele-expertise in which the ophthalmologist in training contacts his/her professor, supports the advancement of Tele-Ophthalmology thanks to the Reacts platform.

As seen elsewhere across the world, the platform’s versatility allows for its adoption to several clinical applications, and enables healthcare professionals to extend their reach and provide greater access to their valuable expertise.