Augmented Reality

Far beyond a standard videoconference experience

Innovative, easy, versatile and integrated

Reacts is revolutionizing online collaboration by offering unrivaled remote communication flexibility in a single platform.

  • Sophisticated audio-video sessions
  • The smarter way to assist, supervise and teach
  • Intuitive interface for computer, tablet, smartphone or web browser
Secure communication

The encrypted Reacts network and authentication process ensures a highly secure virtual environment.

  • HIPAA and PHIPA compliant
  • Secure tunnels with TLS 1.2 and 256-bit encryption
  • Peer-to-peer Audio/Video streaming using Secure Websockets and the jingle library for both intranet and extranet connections. Where the network policies do not allow P2P traffic a secure tunnel is used.
  • All files are encrypted on the server with their own unique encryption 256-bit encryption key

Pioneering technology with high-end features

Multifeed streaming

Simultaneously connect multiple webcams, a DVD player, a medical device, or any other type of video feed through your computer’s USB ports and stream them simultaneously in real time.

Augmented reality and digital objects

Import digital objects then manipulate and overlay them on live streams alongside 2D multimedia assets (graphics, pictures, videos, etc). Blending digital media with live camera feeds produces an amazing augmented reality experience.

Multimedia asset sharing

Images, videos, pictures, and digital objects added to a session can be manipulated by both users on the collaborative Reacts canvas. This means both users are able to adjust the size, opacity, position, layer order, etc. of each separate asset.

Reports and checklists

Create your own checklist and report templates that you can then incorporate in live sessions to provide systematic, organized supervision, training, and field support.


Use the full version of Reacts on any PC running Windows 7 or higher. Access the mobile version of Reacts on iOS devices.

Multiple tools to help you work and communicate better

Share app / share desktop

Securely share any application or your desktop screen with the option of handing over control to the remote user.

Prepare presentations

Create scenes with texts, videos, images, drawings that you can save in Reacts as presentations to share live with remote users at a later time.

Take live snapshots

Take live snapshots (stills and videos) during a session. Add a title and annotation, then share the snapshot by email or using the secure Reacts file transfer feature.

Instant messaging with secure file transfer

Securely send documents, images, videos, and any other type of file. Share expertise and obtain guidance from colleagues in an instant.

Session scheduler

Easily schedule a session in advance with a friend, colleague or customer directly through the Reacts platform. Choose your contact, enter a topic, set a date and time, and you’re done

Drawing tools (coming soon)

Dynamically add shapes, arrows, text, or draw freehand over any live stream or assets to enhance interaction and comprehension during a session.

Multiparty mode

Communicate live with up to 6 remote participants

Reacts Lab projects

  • Integration with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift
  • Integration of GoPro camera feed to Reacts iOS mobile