Published in the October 2017 issue of “L’inhalo”, l’Ordre professionnel des inhalothérapeutes du Québec’s journal, “Telehealth, a virtual reality for patients!”, was written by Véronique Adam, inh., Training and Development consultant at the NPHVA. In summary :

  • The Canadian Thoracic Society guidelines recommend combining home, outpatient and telemedicine visits.
  • The NPHVA provides tele-training services for their partners, multidisciplinary teleconsultations with their partners and patients, and “tele-visits” or virtual visits with patients at home.
  • The NPHVA’s clientele represented almost 1500 patients in 2015, across all 18 of Quebec’s regions.
  • Reacts’ adoption in the NPHVA’s services has reduced travel time, costs and stress, and has provided a sense of security for patients who now have better access to specialized care.
  • Use of Reacts has had positive impacts for the NPHVA, both administrative and clinical, reducing the inherent costs of their practices and increasing the time available to consult with patients.

Published on See original article on pages 19-22 (note that the article is in French only)

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