The French journal Actualités en Médecine Physique et de Réadaptation published an article on Reacts and its use in telerehabilitation in their January 2017 issue.

In brief:

  • Professional physical rehabilitation sessions can be carried out remotely using Reacts, with patients at home, thus avoiding travel for patients with reduced mobility.
  • There are significant benefits associated with using telerehabilitation via a modality such as Reacts: saving time and money for patients; better patient disposition to interventions due to a less constraints (less fatigue and stress); access to the home offering added value to interventions (access to the family and better understanding of the user’s environment).

In their daily clinical setting, health professionals must constantly interact with their patients and colleagues, no matter where they are. They must share their knowledge and experience, reassure their patients, train their students and assess their skills. To do this, they must have a tool that allows them to interact remotely in a secure, dynamic, stimulating and user-friendly way. Reacts was designed with this in mind.

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