About Reacts and IIT

Reacts (Remote Education, Augmented Communication, Training and Supervision), is a secure, integrated, collaborative platform with unique and unparalleled interactive tools designed to suit the multiple collaborative needs of healthcare professionals and patients. It incorporates innovative tools, like augmented reality, for remote virtual guidance, supervision and training. It was created by Quebec-based Innovative Imaging Technologies Inc. (IIT). Its President, Dr. Yanick Beaulieu, leads a multi-disciplinary team specialized in multimedia and software development. Reacts is being used in over 80 countries and has been deployed across various disciplines in both clinical and educational settings for uses going from secure messaging, remote wound care, tele-ultrasound, teleconsultations, to interactive tele-surgical assistance and remote procedural supervision. IIT is currently collaborating with several major hospitals in Québec, Canada and abroad, as well as innovation and health care focused organizations like Joule, a Canadian Medical Association company.

Mission and Vision

We want to facilitate remote collaboration, assessment, education, and care by helping people share information and knowledge in a secure, easy, meaningful and versatile way. Our mission is to enable you to collaborate through an innovative integrated platform that allows you to create a rich, virtual presence experience. Welcome to hyperpresence.

Measures of success

When enhancing the value of Reacts, we relentlessly focus on ensuring that our efforts align with the following critical success factors (Reacts’ source of value):

  • Security
  • Ease of use / intuitiveness / high quality design and simple ergonomics
  • Efficiency and performance / Quality / Stability / Pertinence
  • Versatility / Richness of features / Innovation
  • Reliability / Consistency / Integration
  • Accessibility (virtual presence anytime, anywhere, with any device)

We’re looking for a few good people

Open Positions

  • Web developer (permanent)
  • Web developer (winter intern)
  • iOS developer (winter intern)

Submit your c.v. and any accompanying documentation to hr@reacts.com and specify the position for which you are applying (interns - please include a recent transcript). We will try to respond to every candidate but cannot guarantee this due to the volume of applications.


Please check in occasionally for new postings  

So what’s it like working at IIT?

Who We Are

We are a group of enthusiastic and cooperative people who live and breathe continuous improvement of our product, processes and people. At IIT, innovation and self betterment are at the heart of our philosophy. As such, we offer employees a truly unique and stimulating work experience. We sincerely believe that everyone deserves to be happy, both at work and at home. We spend the best years of our lives working, so why not do it with passion and surrounded by incredible people who believe in us?

What We Do

Reacts is an integrated secure collaborative platform with a strong focus on health care. Both our mission and our values put people first. Reacts improves access to care, decreases costs, and improves efficiency and satisfaction among both patients and health care professionals, while also providing innovative tools, like augmented reality, for virtual care, secure communications, remote supervision and training.

Currently Reacts is being used in over 80 countries and has been deployed across various disciplines in both clinical and educational settings for uses going from secure messaging, remote wound care, tele-ultrasound, teleconsultations, to interactive telesurgical assistance and remote procedural supervision. So, yes, we help people’s lives 🙂

Why We Do It

Our mission is to have a positive impact in the lives of people by collaborating with them and helping them collaborate with others. We want to provide the best collaboration platform any professional can have. We believe that we can make a difference by enabling and facilitating innovative, secure, affordable and easy to use communication and collaboration between physicians, patients and all health care professionals.

How We Do It

Tackling problems like scalability, distributed systems, real time communications, data synchronization, video/audio streaming, encryption is only possible when you have motivated and enthusiastic people pushing the limits to find clever solutions to our challenges. IIT is an Agile company, we prioritize relationships over process and the happiness of each employee is important. We are always open to  comments on how we can improve the status quo. We strive to work with the best technology available, proven programming languages, such as C#, C++, Java, Javascript (ES5), as well as highly efficient technology like Angular, WPF, ASP.net, in a Microsoft Azure environment, enables our developers to consistently deliver true product gems.

Who We Are Looking For

We’re always looking for positive and motivated individuals who can make a significant contribution to a team effort. We are looking for developers, but also need talented people in business functions such as sales, marketing, accounting and human resources. The overall mindset we’re looking for includes characteristics such as:

  • Driven builder and creative problem-solver.
  • Resourceful and excellent troubleshooter.
  • Strive to accomplish continuous integration, delivery, and testing.
  • Have a strong will to automate tasks as much as technology allows.
  • Interest in the latest & greatest tech available.
  • Open-minded & critical thinking.
  • Strive to always find uncomplicated solutions to complicated problems.
  • Embrace change and rethink inefficient processes.
  • Put the needs of the team before your own.
  • Build rock-solid solutions, because the team and the business depend on them.
  • Be keen on documentation and leaving a trace for future employees.
  • Collegial spirit, continuous learning, coaching and being coached.

What We Offer

  • Competitive salary
  • Mobile personal vacation days
  • Beautiful office with lots of windows, located on the Lachine Canal
  • Free, biweekly catered lunches
  • Free, unlimited filter coffee & espressos
  • Cutting-edge hardware setup with up to 3 monitors
  • Best-in-class, up-to-date software tools
  • Company outings
  • Casual dress code
  • Human-oriented and fair atmosphere of work
  • Be part of a rapidly expanding company
  • Flexible hours
  • Learning opportunities
  • Health insurance

The people behind the platform

We’re a group of experienced, passionate developers and experts under the guidance of a team of innovative and visionary leaders who believe interactive audio-video collaboration and multimedia communications can be done better. We’re pushing the envelope to answer the needs of the general public and professionals around the world.

Creator of Reacts and founder of IIT

Yanick Beaulieu, MD, FRCPC

Chief Executive Officer and founder

Yanick is the founder of Innovative Imaging Technologies (IIT) and creator of the Reacts platform. He is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Medicine at the University of Montreal, and a practicing cardiologist-echocardiographer and critical care physician. Yanick is a member of national and international guideline committees for bedside ultrasound in intensive care units, and has published many articles on the subject. In the ten years prior to focusing his creative and technological energy on the design and development of Reacts, Yanick founded ICCU Imaging and co-founded and co-invented Vimedix, a high-fidelity ultrasound simulator. He has been leading IIT’s team through the Reacts project since 2012.

Development team

François-Xavier Brunet, B.F.A.

Chief Operating Officer

Frank has followed the path of his passions over the last 15 years, starting with his degree in Fine Arts. His major in Film animation led him to Flash and web development. After winning the 2006 ADISQ Site of the Year award he was put in charge of his agency’s creative direction and the management of more key projects, one of those projects was ICCU and another was to spearhead the brainstorming sessions that would define the technological underpinning of Vimedix. In 2009 his team received the Staples Canada Vendor award after increasing sales by over 300%. He has also managed software development projects for Mega Brands, CAE and Abbott.

Eugenio Andruskiewitsch

Chief Security Officer

Eugenio began his professional IT career in 1989 and has since become proficient in most major IT functions, including technical support, networking, systems management, database administration, programing, team leading, analysis and architecture. He has worked on systems for several different industry sectors, including stock markets, credit risk, tourism, air ticketing, e-commerce, warehousing, printing and healthcare. Eugenio is passionate about his work, dedicated and focused on optimization processes.

Paul Hatweek, BS. C.S.

Chief Innovation Officer

Paul has been a Reacts pioneer from the start, having been involved in the conception and the implementation of most of the system’s major components. He is an electronics engineering graduate of the University of Damascus (Syria), holds a DEA in Artificial Intelligence Informatics from the University of Montpellier (France), and is a graduate of the Superior Computer Science Institute of Montreal in Computer Systems Intercommunications. He also has several important achievements to his name, including developing systems for cross-platform document management and for the detection of driver fatigue, amongst others.

Jonathan Proulx

Enterprise Architect

Jonathan graduated from Sherbrooke University in software engineering and then spent over a decade progressing in the field of IP video management software before lending his skills to the Reacts team. His idea of a cool vacation is biking through Asia for months at a time.

Lineker Tomazeli, B. Ing.

Chief Technology Officer

Originally from Brazil, Lineker graduated from McGill University in software engineering and spent the last seven years developing software architecture and mobile and web apps. He’s won the NSERC Industrial Undergraduate Research Award, and 1st Place at the Cassandra Big Data Hackathon. He loves to gain knowledge and share it with others, to solve interesting problems, and to surf. Lineker gets excited about new ideas and building apps that will change the world, which is what led him to join the Reacts team.

Pierre Teyssedre, M. Inf.

Software Developer

Pierre’s professional passion is developing apps for mobile devices. His Masters in Computer Science and years of trolling Android communities have provided him with unique skills that greatly compliment the team. When not at work or with family, his interests lean towards adventure/extreme sports, hunting and fishing.

Khrystyna Andrusiv, B. Inf

Technical Support and Quality Assurance Specialist

Khrystyna loves to travel and to work with all kinds of people. These passions are what led her to a career in customer service, spanning over 10 years and 3 countries. Her persistence and desire to improve things then led her to Quality Assurance. She has Bachelor’s degrees in both Management and Computer Science. Khrystyna previously led a youth organization working with orphans and raising awareness about gender issues, violence and HIV/AIDS.

Patrice Scraire, B. Inf.

Software Developer, SCRUM master

Patrice obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering from ÉTS. In recent years, he has used his development skills to design solutions that improve user experience. He specializes in .Net technology, and joined the Reacts team to take on new challenges. When he needs to get away from it all, he enjoys roller skating and reading detective novels.

Victor Briant, B.Sc.

Software Developer

Following his engineering degree in Healthcare IT from Grenoble Polytech, France, Victor pursued his passion for technological innovations in healthcare and mobile technologies through several Android and iOS development projects, which eventually led him to his present work with the Reacts development team. When not tweaking new features for the Reacts mobile application, he can be found traveling or playing music.

Juanyong Yang, B. Inf.

Software Developer

Following a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at Hefei University of Technology, China, Juanyong gained nearly a decade’s experience in China and Canada, in a variety of assignments involving several programming languages and PACS/DICOM/UI development projects. When he’s not busy perfecting Reacts, he can usually be found hiking or cooking super spicy Sichuan cuisine.

Guillaume Pontbriand, B, Inf.

DevOps Engineer

Guillaume has two objectives in mind: producing quality software, and delivering it in a timely fashion. This led him to develop a keen interest in techniques such as Agile methodology, continuous integration, continuous delivery and test-driven development. Guillaume has been studying and working in the field of software development for over 8 years now. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Informatics from the University of Sherbrooke and an Industrial Computer Technology degree from Lionel-Groulx College.

Mike Donovan, B.Sc.

Senior Software Developer, SCRUM master

Mike learned programming as a teenager at a time when most people didn’t own a computer. By the time he attended McGill University, he was already working professionally as a developer. His first computer was an Apple II, and he’s now putting all his knowledge of the Apple platforms to good use at IIT for the OS X and iOS versions of Reacts. Mike’s career reflects his eclectic interests: he’s worked in computational linguistics, ultrasound imagery, and video game development among others. His passions include English literature, horror movies, and creative writing. He currently gamemasters two tabletop RPG campaigns on Roll20 during weekends.

Leandro Freitas, M. Inf.

Software Developer

The former pro-soccer-player-that-almost-was, Leandro opted to pursue his other passion – computer sciences – through Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil. He has since worked on a variety of challenging projects, including a lawful interception system and digital TV middleware. He is now driven by the prospect of making a difference through his work on Reacts.

Mustapha Amchech

Senior Software Developer

Mustapha is a Senior Software developer graduated from Polytechnic School of Montreal in computer engineering. He specializes in designing and developing SaaS (Software as a service) solutions, focuses on Cloud compute platform to build scalable, performance and reliable computing services. Mustapha is a passionate designer and has extensive experiences on Microsoft technologies. During his 10 years of professional life, he’s faced multiple technical challenges and several project types that have given him rich experiences in designing innovative solutions to solve complex problems.

Frédéric Vaillancourt

Senior Software Developer

Frédéric’s deep passion for software development had him working on his own development projects long before graduating from Sherbrooke University. After graduation he spent nearly 15 years working in embedded software development and the public safety industry. He loves challenges that lead him to solve problems and learn something new.

Corey Scott

Graphic Designer

With over 15 years’ experience in a variety of graphic arts departments, in roles ranging from graphic design to artistic direction, across funky local ad agencies to large, international corporate ones, Corey’s gained a keen perspective on progressively more complex projects and what it takes to make them shine.

Philippe Lague-Morin

Senior Software Developer

Philippe has a passion for making software run embedded devices and unusual platforms. While others prefer high-level programming, low-level is where his passion lies; whether it’s about obscure network protocol, getting video frames to go as fast as possible on screen or echo cancellation. When not working on Reacts, Philippe is busy working on his audio system and designing custom 16 bit computers.

Mikael Hassam, M.A.Sc.

Software Developer

Mikael undertook a double-degree program offered by ÉTS and the IMT Lille Douai and obtained his Master’s degree in Telecommunications networks and Computer Science. After 3 years’ experience in the video surveillance industry, where he got comfortable with the .Net technology, Mikael decided to pursue exciting challenges in IIT’s special projects team.

Magali Blasquez

Junior Analyst in Product Development

During her studies in Health Information Technology (TIS) at the University of Grenoble’s Polytechnic School, Magali had the opportunity to help implement the Reacts solution at the University Hospital of Montreal’s (CHUM) Telehealth Coordination Center. Her desire to continue helping to improve the platform by acting as an intermediary between development teams and clients ultimately led her to develop her professional experience within IIT upon completion of her TIS engineering studies.

Eric Magil, M. Eng

Software Developer

Eric obtained his Master’s degree in Electronics and Computer Engineering from the University of Waterloo. He has since participated in the development of several devices for both industrial and consumer use. Eric has participated in all levels of the development stack, being equally at home debugging circuit boards as he is debugging software.

Frédérick Lebel

DevOps Engineer

Frederick obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering from ÉTS. In recent years, he has used his development and operational skills to help others ship their products more efficiently. He joined the Reacts team to take on new challenges and make a change in the healthcare system. When he is not shipping code, he is taking pictures/videos in numerous music festivals.

Islem Baki

Software Developer

Islem obtained his Master’s degree in Software Engineering from the University of Montreal. He enjoys working on all aspects of software development including its design, implementation and test automation. Before joining IIT, Islem worked in the financial industry building next-gen web applications and tackling legacy system integrations. He’s passionate about building modern, scalable web applications and leveraging web technologies in mobile and desktop ecosystems.

Shaunak Sinha

Software Developer

Shaunak worked as a web application developer for 2 years after completing his Bachelors in India. He then pursued his Masters at McGill University in Systems and Control Engineering where he investigated state estimation and control methods for differentially flat systems. He joined IIT’s Android development team to contribute to product revolutionizing the healthcare space, while growing as a software developer through collaboration with senior programmers. Shaunak loves to participate in coding hackathons and tutoring students whenever he gets an opportunity.

Patrick Delaney-Cloherty

Support, Software Tester

Patrick began his career in quality assurance over 8 years ago in the video game industry. He started as a Tester and progressed to Compliance Test Lead at Square Enix and is credited in over 20 games. Patrick joined Reacts to play his part in helping to make healthcare more accessible. When he’s not testing software, Patrick spends his time travelling and reading science and history books.

Mathieu Lavictoire

Support, Software Tester

Mathieu started his QA career in the video games industry in 2013. His passion for games translated well into QA, allowing him to apply a critical eye to all his projects and ensuring the best quality possible across everything he tested. He has a very positive spirit and likes making people around him laugh. Outside of work he’s somewhat of a daydreamer, always looking for a new adventure, His passions are Tabletop RPGs (D&D, Pathfinder, etc.) and Pro Wrestling. He also has a cat named Logan.

Executive team

François Veillet, MBA, CIM

Chairman of the Board

François Veillet has been involved in the launch and management of IIT since May 2013. François is also Senior Vice President, Private Wealth, at Fiera Capital since 2009. He has been in the investment business since 1984. He joined CIBC World Markets in 1993 as Managing Director responsible for money market and fixed income operations. In 2003, he was appointed Head of Capital Markets for the Quebec region. He coordinated operations involving currencies, derivatives, money market, fixed income, and the issuance of corporate and government debt. François graduated from HEC Montreal with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration in 1982, and has since been dedicated to the community via his work on several foundations’ Boards of Directors and Executive Committees.

Robert Arntfield MD, FRCPC, FCCP, FACEP

Officier medical senior

Rob is a board-certified emergency physician and intensive care physician and is an Associate Professor of Medicine in London, Ontario. Rob is active with point of care ultrasound in all clinical areas. He is co-author of the textbook: Point-of-Care Ultrasound and is director of the critical care ultrasound program at Western University. He is a past course leader for the American College of Chest Physicians (ACCP) critical care ultrasonography program and teaches and lectures on point of care ultrasound throughout the world. He completed a point of care ultrasound fellowship at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York where, in his capacity as an attending physician, he received the Attending of the Year award. Dr. Arntfield is an adult echocardiography diplomate with the National Board of Echocardiography.Rob has been a trusted collaborator with IIT since its inception and, as senior medical officer is, in close collaboration with Dr. Beaulieu, responsible for providing oversight, expertise and leadership in the medical domains of the company. In addition to being looked to continue advancing IIT’s products and strategies in to innovative medical spaces, Rob will be focused on developing and implementing IIT’s leading-edge programs and partnerships.

David Wells

Chief Strategy Officer

David Wells has been a strategic leader in Canada’s fast-growing mobile communications industry since its very beginning, both in startup companies and at Canada’s largest telecom providers. David served as Chief Financial Officer, Chief Information Officer and Executive Vice President, Human Resources in his time at Bell Mobility and its predecessor Bell Cellular, later becoming President and CEO of the Mobility Canada consortium. Recruited by wireless startup Clearnet Communications in 1996 as Executive VP, Corporate Services, David helped lead Clearnet’s introduction of national consumer mobile services (the most successful launch by a new wireless player in North America) until the company’s acquisition in 2000 by TELUS Corporation for $6.6 billion, the largest telecom transaction in Canadian history. After the successful integration of Clearnet and the launch of TELUS Mobility as a national wireless player, David was welcomed back to BCE and Bell Canada in 2008 as Executive VP, Corporate Services. He was key to Bell’s transformation into a customer-focused broadband competitor that has regained the lead in Canadian communications. At BCE, David also served as a Director of pension fund manager Bimcor and of Bell Aliant Regional Communications. Mr. Wells holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Toronto.

Aldous Vijh, MBA

Product Marketing Manager

Inquisitive by nature, Aldous has dedicated the last 15 years to developing innovative healthcare, web and professional services applications. Prior to joining IIT, he held various positions in marketing and business development with organizations ranging from small agencies to Fortune 500 companies, as well as advocacy groups such as the Canadian Medical Association. Along the way, Aldous has helped launch products and e-learning platforms, build brands, break a world record and develop a lot of cool stuff. He holds degrees in psychology and communications, and obtained his MBA from McGill University in 1999.

David Bouchard, MBA

Business Development Director

David has spent the last 15 years conquering new markets in several countries, including the United States, France and Switzerland, and introducing new technologies that improve both medical practices and healthcare services. After completing his M.Sc. degree in immunology in 1999, David successfully transitioned to the world of sales by joining Nextal Biotechnologies, where he grew the company’s sales, leading to its quick acquisition by life sciences industry leader Qiagen. His entrepreneurial spirit and result-driven thinking then led him to play leadership roles in various organizations in both the health IT and medical device industries. David now channels his passion for business and his appetite for high potential challenges into leading IIT’s business development efforts toward new summits. He is also a proud father of 3 and enjoys salmon fishing during his free time.

Francine Collins

Administrative Director

Following the Bourassa administration’s announcement of the James Bay hydroelectric development project, Francine acted as Deputy Secretary of the James Bay Development Corporation and the Municipality of James Bay. She subsequently worked at Ogilvy Renault for more than 25 years where she held a paralegal position in the insurance field for about 5 years, followed by 20 years as Executive Assistant to the Right Honourable Brian Mulroney.

Lisa Smith

Manager, Human Resources

With over a decade of experience in Talent Acquisition, Lisa has worked for companies such as KPMG, CAE & Sun Life. Her experience has provided her with a well-rounded background in developing strong relationships with employees and management alike. Her gratification comes from helping to build a culture that focuses on shared values and respect.

Valérie Faucher, LL.B., CDPO

Legal Counsel and Data Protection Officer

Passionate about innovation and cybersecurity, Valerie has focused her legal practice towards ensuring privacy and protecting confidential information. Her main mission within IIT is to ensure that data processing activities are in line with requirements, including those arising from various legislation.